Please, find here some hints and tips, to use our „Mittenwald-Lodge“ appropriately:

Please, read and follow without any exception our House Rules! This is primarily for your safety, and to avoid unnecessary damage of any equipment!

The Wash-Dryer needs the selection of "Program X" bevor any other program selection, also for re-starts after interruption (eg  for taking out something). And, please, do not overload! The DRYER drum should not be filled more than half for washing!

Rubbish has to be separated in 

a) Plastics+Metal, 

b) Glas, 

c) Paper, 

d) Bio-Rubbish and 

e) The Rest. 

Please collect a) in the „Yellow Bag“ (empty bags in the outer porch), b) in the drawers at outer porch, and c), d) and e) in the blue \ brown \ black Common Rubbish-Containers (directly at the street in a small house). The boxes left side of the oven can be used as an "Interim storage" for a) and b), the "classic white bowl" can do the same for d). It's also "allowed" to empty the "Glas-Drawers" in the outer porch into "public glad containers", to find eg at the entry of "Alter Kurpark", if appropriate or necessary.

Please, store Ski, Sledges etc. in the outer porch (cold) or in our bike-room (heated, left beside of the entry to the downer floor = Mrs Öttl).

Please, leave your critics, comments, and opinions to your hosts and to other guests!

What's missing?

What should we do better?

What did you especially (dis-)like about our "Lodge" and\ or our service?

Which Saloons\ Restaurants\ Cafes\ Shops at Mittenwald or around did you (dis-)like most?

Which Hiking-\ Biking- tours or Lodges\ Touristik Sites did you (dis-)like most?

Which Bus-\ Train-Tours in Bavaria and Tirol can you (not) suggest?

Please, use our Guest-Book (in paper on top of the Chinese drawer) or our Feedback on our website for your convenience, to deliver your valuable feedback! And Thanks for your help, your critics, and your suggestions! 

Of course, you are also invited to leave some comments about our "Mittenwald-Lodge" at eg Google Maps, if you like ...

Thanks and best greetings from on the way

rudel und Peggie