Welcome at our "Mittenwald Lodge" offering "1a Alps Panorama" at "Landhaus Bergglueck" in Mittenwald / Bavaria / Germany, Groeblweg No.6, Rooftop!

Please, find on our TV the infos:

00 ReadMe1st (=This Page)


02 Hints & Tips,

03 Registration, 

04 TV Internet,

05 DVDs, and

06 Tile Stove

You may find these and more info on our Android TV by:

Procedure to start our TV\ Video-Set:

(You may be willing to print out this page?

Or better: You log onsite with your Mobile Phone into our WiFi network "1a Alpen-Panorama...", using the password given to you with our Final Booking Confirmation, and list this page on!)

1. SwitchON MASTERswtch at the ConnectorRig, backside of TV desk (blue light at frontside switches on=broken atm!)

2. Use PHILIPS telecontrol to switchON TV (red light becomes dark) 

3. Press HOME button and select "Computer"

4. The Android-page last used, eg the "Frontpage" comes up on the TV

5. Start QWERTY keyboard via ESC, click eg the GAESTE-Info Icon and read an info...

(6. For watching TV: Start ZATOO-TV and select the channel, or as usual by cable...) 

If you have ANY questions, please ask our Guest Keeper Hans-Josef Mross, Tel  +49 177 4065871, or your hosts Rudel and Peggie, via email or WhatsApp-Group "1a Alpen-Panorama".

But most of all, we wish YOU a pleasant stay at our "Mittenwald Lodge“, and also a good time in Mittenwald, in Bavaria, and in Tirol!

With best regards from on the road,

your hosts Rudel and Peggie