Our somewhat special tile stove is NOT for playing around, or for burning rubbish!!

You are allowed to use this oven ONLY, if you are fully EXPERIENCED(!) with "burning wood in a Grundofen", and if you follow all the user instructions, given in the book and the brochures from our bookshelf. First infos about "burning wood in a Grundofen", given eg here, canNOT make you becoming an "experienced wood burner", and so do NOT qualify you to use our special tile stove!

Unfortunately, our tile-stove lately shows some signs of having been heavily missused by some ignorants and\ or over-self-confident people. Please, do NOT line up yourself in this row!

Used in a wrong and inappropriate way, 

our tile-stove may become a hazard 

by poisoning you and your people,

and a SERIOUS RISK FOR DYING comes up!!

Additionally, some ignorants used the vacuum cleaner to clear-up our oven inside from ashes..: Please do NOT(!) take any ashes out of our tile stove! The fire always has to burn "in the ashes", and the ashes of 1 or even 2 years can and should stay IN THE OVEN!

You may think our "Grundofen" or wood stove to be the "modern version" of ancient fires, up to the fires of Indians and Trappers. This goes back to about 5 million years ago, when the human race became human, especially also by controlling and using the fire, the same way like in our "Grundofen". If you really use our tile stove, be aware to be a part of this tradition...

And in any case, it for sure is the greater achievement to keep your fingers off from our tile stove, if you do not have the appropriate experiences, compared to a Hoppla-Hopp approach to use it, damaging your and your people's health and ruining our oven! Even if you have to abstain by this from an exorbitant pizza, from a delicious "pressed goose", and from the experiences "to have a fire at home"...

We wish you a convenient stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge", a good relationship to our tile stove, and a good time in Mittenwald, in Bavaria, and in Tirol! 

Best greetings from on the way,

your hosts Rudel und Peggie