To Get There


Please, find here some hints on how to get to our "Mittenwald-Lodge":

If you travel by car via Garmisch-Partenkirchen, you may leave the B2 street already in KLAIS (small green table), crossing the railway line to the right. Then you should not continue further right into KLAIS town, but proceed LEFT (sorry, no table there) on the rather pretty old (Roman!) street to Mittenwald. After several bends and nice views, when you come to Mittenwald, you should take the very first small street (Goethestrasse) right hand side, directly after the "Mittenwald" table. Follow this small old street about 1km, keeping left, until you come to Mittenwald's old center "Gries", where a more bigger street goes right. Follow this street (Groeblweg) about 100m, where you find "Landhaus Bergglueck" (Groeblweg 6) at the right hand side, remember the stairs to our Lodge on our winter photo. 

You can park directly at the house for unloading. Afterwards, you have to park your car at our parking spot at the Schlipferweg, downside of Landhaus Bergglueck. Use the right hand side (=northern) of 2 spots. (Please, have a look at the parking situation from above from our Loggia!)  A path at the left side of Landhaus Bergglueck will then bring you up to the Gröblweg again to the entry of our "Mittenwald Lodge".

If you travel by train, arriving at Mittenwald station, you can take a taxi there for bringing you to Groeblweg 6, about 700m. Unfortunately, we don't have available a car there for picking you up...

If you arrive by plane at Munich FJS Airport, you may buy a "Werdenfels-Regional-Ticket" (for 1 to 5 people), at the ticket vending box or at the information desk, and then go in 50min by one of both S-trains (S8 or S1) to Munich MAIN station. From there, a train to Mittenwald, via Garmisch-Partenkirchen, goes every hour, taking about 1.50h on the supposedly "most beautiful railway section in Germany". You may interrupt your travel anywhere, eg in Munich and\ or Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

We wish you a convenient travel to our "Mittenwald-Lodge"!

With best greetings from on the way,

your hosts Rudel and Peggie