TV Internet


Please find here some hints on using our TV, Internet, and DVDs:

Please note: You can use our TV (Philips-Telecontrol PHTC), our Android TV-Box rk3368 (Qwerty-Tastatur QWTC) and our DVD-Player with 5.1-Soundsystem (Panasonic-Telecontrol PATC). Please, keep your fingers off from any other equipment and from  any cable connection! Just weeks ago, a user felt obligated to do a cable changed, destroying our Google TV Box, unsensically... We don't like that...

And please, act responsible! We leave to you the complete access to the Google Play Store etc: Please do changes only, that you understsnd and can manage. Thanks.

Some procedures in detail:

1. SwitchON for Internet-use on TV:

a) SwitchON MAINswitch on connector-rod, backside down at the TV desk (>blue light to the front comes on=broken atm)

b) Use PHILIPS Telecontrol (PHTC) to switch TV on (>red light at TV vanishes)

c) Press HOME and select "Computer"

d) The last-used Android-page comes up, eg the "Frontpage" on TV

e) SwitchON QWERTY keyboard (QWTC), start it via HOME , use eg Frontpage

2. Television per Internet at TV:

a) switchON TV as 1. a-d, at "Frontpage" start the App "Zatoo-TV"

b) select TV-Channel, control loudness with PHTC and QWTC/ANTC

3. Play DVDs/CDs/etc per TV and AVR:

a) switchON TV like 1. a-b

b) Press HOME and select "DVD"

c) insert Disk and control DVD using PANASONIC Telecontrol PATC

d) Control loudness by PATC snd PHTC

e) use PATC to control DVD playing

4. Play from USB-Media on TV:

a) switchON TV like 1. a-b

b) connect USB-/ MicroUSB-Media backside left at TV (see cable) 

c) press HOME and select "USB" 

d) select Medium and start it

5. Play Media from Guest-unit on TV via WiFi:

a) switchON TV like 1. a-e

b) use QWTC to start App "Allcast Receiver" on TV

c) link Guest-unit into WLAN "1a Alpes..."

Install Allcast from Google Play

d) start Allcast, select rk3368 start a ein Medium

6. Switch OFF:

a) switchOFF DVD using PATC: >dark red readyLight

c) switchOFF TV using PHTC: >red readyLight

d) switchOFF ALLE using switch in connector rod, backside

e) switchOFF QWERTY keyboard (QWTC) move switch to OFF

7. Internet-use via WiFi/ WLAN:

Use Internet (WLAN)  via our Android-TV. Please, don't store any Passwords or UserData in the computer! Avoid any damage!.  

You also can connect your Guest-unit to our WLAN, using the password at our WhiteBoard. We recommend "1a Alpen-Panorama....".  Have fun and be responsible, act like a human being...

8. Our "Kitchenradio" 

(with UKW, DAB+, and Internet-Radio) can be controlled by Telecontrol KRTC, or much better by Handy-App UNDOC . Handy has to be linked to our WLAN "1a Alpen-Panorama..."!

9. Our ALEXA 

cannot be used by guests, because of legal reasons. Sorry. Please, respect that! The same goes for our TV-\ Internet-\ Film-Projector. Sorry again...

Have fun using our Internet-, TV-, and DVD-stuff. Moreover, we wish  you a convenient stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge", and a good time in Mittenwald, in Bavaria, and in Tirol!

Best greetings from on the way,

your hosts Rudel and Peggie