Welcome at our "Mittenwald-Lodge",

Gröblweg No 6, Rooftop, in 82481 Mittenwald, Germany!

As you may realize fast, our lodge-type rooftop flat, setup with wood and natural materials, will offer to you - besides as well of the short ways to the town center and to hiking\ skiing as of the free panoramic view to the Karwendel Mountains and across Mittenwald town - some rather special qualities, not offered everywhere.

So you may find nearly every kind of equipment, that you probably also have at your home, completed by things, that may be especially useful here. This may start with our fully equipped kitchen, continue with e-grill\ raclette, wash-dryer and TV\DVD, and end up to internet access via WLAN and local travel guides & maps and travel prospects in the drawer. This complete equipment is at your disposal and ready for your appropriate use. The same goes for any kitchen and bathroom stuff as well as for cooking materials, where you may make some appropriate additions for your followers, if appropriate...

Keys, especially for the main door, you may find in the wooden key box beneath the clock. Please, put any key back there, before you finally leave at the end of your stay in our "Mittenwald-Lodge"

Our "Lodge" is nearly full inventoried. We leave our stuff to you, and ask you to treat it the same way, that you would like to see us treating your appropriate stuff ... Especially, we ask you to read and follow the "game rules" showing up at our inner porch, as well as the instructions given in several instruction manuals, collected in the right downer drawers of the left kitchen board. This is necessary for your safety and to avoid any health hazzards or even injuries as well as broken equipment.

If any question or problem, please ask our Guest Keeper Hans-Josef Mross, Tel +49 177 4065871, for assistance and\or help. You can also contact your hosts Rudel and Peggie by email to rst.tbus@gmail.com or via our small WhatsApp-Group "1a Alpen-Panorama", to which we will invite you by email shortly before your stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge". This, because we want to do everything that may help you to have a convenient and relaxed stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge", the same quality of well-being, that we enjoy there...

Please, care also about your registration at Mittenwald Market Community, see our special info for this topic. But if you find your Guest-Cards ready at our "Lodge" on your arrival, our Guest-Keeper Hans-Josef Mross has done the registration already for you!

At least one day before your departure, you please should report your mostly exact LEAVING TIME to our Guest-Keeper. So he can be present at your check-out for taking the keys back etc.

If you after your weeks in our "Mittenwald Lodge" want to stay in contact with us and with other guests: You can do so by staying in our WhatsApp-Group "1a Alpen-Panorama", also dealing with exchange of experiences between guests, and some news about our "Lodge" and Mittenwald town.

But, most of all, we wish you a really pleasant stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge", and a good time in Mittenwald, in Bavaria, and in Tirol!

Best greetings from on the road,

Rudel  und Peggie