test yourself by answering some questions,

if our homes can be the right places for YOU:

...Are you not ready to read our website, to learn about the individual options, that our homes can offer for sensible and curious individuals?

...Do you expect sterile "Hotel Rooms" or a  minimally equipped "Ex-and-Hopp" appartment, but not a living space for a family, equipped with several appliances needed in daily life, individually enriched with some modern stuff and personal traveling memorials?

...Do you (and your kids) not respect and not leave untouched all the decoration elements around our homes, but miss-use and even brake them, eg by using them as playing material? ***

...Do you break our equipment and machinery by miss-using it? Do you treat any machines and equipment not in accordance with their user instructions or our regulations? ***

...Do you not accept our entertainment equippment (eg Alexa, TV+Video+Film via Internet etc) and do you touch it's installation and configuration, braking it's functions and features, or even it's hardware components? ***

...Are you going to change and\or to destruct our furniture setupd or electrical equipment (eg moving furniture, de-installing lamps etc)? ***

...Are you going to steal our equipment (eg decorations, DVDs, tableware, kitchen equipment, bed linnen, towels, etc pp)? ***

.. Do you not trust us to be a responsible host, not having installed and working with any kind of video or audio spyware, so that it doesn't make sense for you to deactivate or remove any "suspicious" things (eg clock, Alexa, IoT-control etc), and to make lots of re-arranging and re-configuration necessary after your leaving? ***

*** Unfortunately, all these kinds of bad behavior have been shown by some inappropriate ""guests"" lately. We will not tolerate such a behavior any more!


Please, do NOT come to our homes, if you have to answer any of the above questions with "YES"!

Please, come as a real GUEST (!!)


And be sure:

You are welcomed by

real HOSTS (!!)