CAEBM Atvantages

> CAEBM can handle mixed (numeric, nonnumeric) parameter sets, even if "scientifically incomplete" for the problem at hand. 

> CAEBM can collect, consolidate, and RE-USE example-based know-how from any source and arbitrary problem domains.

> CAEBM can model high-dimensional inter-disciplinary problems, even if scientifically unresolvable.

> CAEBM can control and measure global and parameter-individual model errors.

> CAEBM can control systematically and make transparent problem-inherent structure and complexity.

> CAEBM can deliver 2-3dim model detail-explanations to support plausibility and human max 2-5 dim understanding.

CAEBM can measure parameter-relevance and suitability of different parameter sets.

CAEBM can extend and refine continuously know-how for systematical KH RE-USE.

> CAEBM can separate the know-how from it's sources (expert domains) and make it portable + tradable.

> CAEBM can open opportunities for new know-how oriented businesses and cooperations.

CAEBM can allowfor up to now "impossible" (because of being "scientifically unresolved") problem solutions.

> CAEBM can open chances to discover new scientific know-how by making contexts understandable,  which look "chaotic" etc up to now.

> etc pp