What We Offer

> Know-how is the most valuable resource that a successful company or organization can own. With the aid of CAEBM, mostly any kind of know-how can be collected, concentrated, refined, and re-used efficiently, nearly independently from the originating people. For this reason, relevant Know-how engineering (KHE) projects based on CAEBM always should be done by the KH-owner (and his crew) and not by external service companies (like us).

> For this reason, we do not take care of significant KHE-projects, based on CAEBM, as a service, but we support interested KH owners in doing their own CAEBM-based KH engineering projects. 

> To get KH owners started, we can give some straight-forward support in selecting promising application areas, and later we can do some kind of continuous coaching and consulting, to bring in our experiences from about 20 years of working on very different CAEBM projects.

> As a start, we offer a free consulting meeting to discuss with you the supposed fruits and the feasibility of up to three different CAEBM-based KHE projects of your choice.

> Such a kick-off meeting can rank around a plan for "How to get a KHE project down to work":

>> Identify profitable tasks

>>> Find know-how gravity points

>>> Set priorities

>>> Select first KHE project(s)

>> Start pilot KHE-project

>>> Define goal- and influence-parameters

>>> Collect examples, according to AOI

>>> Set-up models, including QA w.r.t. AOI

>>> Deploy model for your solutions

>> Integrate project into global concept

>> Design a mid-range KHE concept

> Please, drop a note, if you want more info or our suggestions, including a free introductional consulting on "How to get a KHE project down to work"!