Some Project Ideas

As CAEBM can be applied to any high-dimensional inter-disciplinary problem in any application area, collecting know-how from any source, we here give some application examples and application patterns, to emphasize its potential.

> Fast, cheap, and reliable local to global weather forecast, based on self-learning, adaptive CAEBM networks.

> Efficient and reliable pandemie prediction(!) + control(!), as a basis for minimal damage strategies and optimal decision making, based on self-learning, adaptive CAEBMs.

> Collection, consolidation, representation, and re-use of any kind of company know-how, from experts, simulation, testing etc, by highly inter-disciplinary CAEBMs, eg in product design, 

> Collection, consolidation, and representation of application know-how for a special machine tool or test stand by the machine tool\ test stand provider, and offering it to new customers as a know-how add-on to the hardware sold.

> Identification, prediction and control of key-parameter in business management, from arbitrary inter-disciplinary sources, based on self-learning, adaptive CAEBMs.

> Optimal and efficient local to multi-modal traffic control, including identification\ overcoming of bottle necks, based on self-learning, adaptive CAEBMs.

> etc pp

> Develope your own project ideas, based on your KH as a "problem owner", your KHE demands, and our CAEBM info, given here!

Please, drop a note, if you want more info or our suggestions, including a free introductional consulting on "How to get a KHE project down to work"!