CAEBM Caveats

> Problem (and know-how) owners should do their own Know-how Engineering (KHE) projects based on CAEBM preferably inhouse, and not let it being done as a service, before they have learned about the extreme know-how concentration in CAEBM and about the associated portability of their most important resources. Therefore, we do not do any serious KHE project based on CAEBM as a service.

> The setup of the parameter list of a planned CAEBM project Is a serious testcase, if a project will be successful or not. So the list of OPs and IPs, including parameter names, dimensions, and value ranges, and including a perspective about the availability of appropriate examples, is an important 1st step in any CAEBM project.

> In extended CAEBM projects with several contributing local know-how owners it is important to fully integrate these local KH owners into the project, to avoid their fear to "loose their KH lead" by contributing to the project. In general, a solid mid-range KHE concept for the whole organization is helpful, to really earn fully the fruits of the CAEBM capabilities.

> more to come