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Orte, die wir interessierten Mitmenschen für anregende Wochen anbieten:

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Places, That We Offer To Responsive Neighbors For Exhilarating Weeks:

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Overview In Short:

1. Unsere "Mittenwald-Hütte"

Ihr seid eine Gruppe von <= 4 Personen? 

Ihr wollt Bayern und Tirol besuchen?

Ihr interessiert euch für lokale Lebensart?

Ihr wisst eine zentral gelegene "Hütte" in erhöhter Aussichtslage zu schätzen?

Euch interessiert ein "echt bayrisches" Dorf?

Ihr mögt Natur, Berge und Wandern \ Radeln? 

Ihr plant Tagestouren bis München & Venedig?

Dann haben wir etwas für euch:

"1a Alpen-Panorama" in unserer "Mittenwald-Hütte"
"1a Alpen-Panorama" in unserer "Mittenwald-Hütte"


Unsere "Mittenwald-Hütte"


> Eine gemütliche "Hütte" für 2-4 Personen, mit Komfort und Stil und exceptioneller Panorama-Aussicht auf das Dorf und die Berge.

> Unsere "Hütte" ist eine zentrale, völlig separate und uneinsehbare Dachgeschoss-Wohnung in einem ortstypischen Landhaus, gelegen im traditionsreichen Bayrischen Gebirgsort Mittenwald.

> Mit Freizeit-Möglichkeiten von Wandern über Radeln bis Klettern, von Schwimmen über Langlaufen bis Skifahren uvam.

> Mit Tagestour-Möglichkeiten zu allen Attraktionen zwischen München, Venedig, Salzburg und St.Moritz.


Für wen sie taugt:


> Für Familien, Naturfreunde, Wanderer, Bergfexe, Skifahrer, und für Menschen die es werden wollen ...

> Für Leute, die Bayern und Tirol und die weitere Umgebung kennenlernen und "erforschen" wollen ...  

Zu den Details:

Zur Buchung:

1. Our "Mittenwald-Lodge"

You are a family or group of up to 4 ?

You want to visit Bavaria and Tirol ?

You are interested in local life + culture?

You want to live in a lodge-type flat with panoramic views, but at the village center?

You like an "original Bavarian" village?

You like mountains and hiking or biking?

You plan 1day-tours up to Munich & Venice?

Then we have something for YOU:

Streetside Entry to our "Mittenwald-Lodge"
Streetside Entry to our "Mittenwald-Lodge"

We offer: 

"Our Mittenwald-Lodge"


> A comfy-cosy lodge-type flat for 2-4 people in the attic of a local-style country-house, with exceptional panoramic mountain view.

> Central and quiet in the traditional mountain village Mittenwald, between Bavaria and Tirol, between Germany and Austria.

> For all typical activities from hiking over biking to climbing, from swimming over skiing to para-gliding etc.

> For 1day tours to all attractions between Munich, Venice, Salzburg and St Moritz.


For whom it is:


> For European and International Guests, wanting to dive into local culture and customs in Bavaria and Tirol, and to learn about people's life between Munich and Venice, Salzburg and St Moritz.

> If you want it, we can give some iGuidance via WhatsApp, to assist you in any situation, when helpful or necessary.

> Special support offered to Chinese Friends of Europe!

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2. Our "Lago.di.Como-Lounge"

(will open in 2022 !!!)

You are a family, or group of up to 4 (max 6) people? 

You like a moderate summer & winter climate with south european flora?

You like to live at the beach of a large lake, surrounded  by villages and mountains?

You are interested in un-crowded original Italian culture & life style and Italian cuisine?

You like old villas, parks & nobilities and very old cities and villages all around?

You want 1a panoramic views of the lake + mountains AND one of the most completely equipped apartments in the area?

You want to do watersports, from swimming to paddling \ surfing \ boating \ sailing?

You like nature, mountains and hiking \ biking \ climbing \ exploring? 

You want 1day tour opportunities up to Genova, Milano, Torino, St.Moritz, Firenze, and Venezia?

Then we have a special offer for you:

"1a LAKE-Panorama" in our "Lago.di.Como-Lounge": North View towards Switzerland Alps
"1a LAKE-Panorama" in our "Lago.di.Como-Lounge": North View towards Switzerland Alps

We offer:  

Our "Lago.di.Como-Lounge"


> A convenient, fully equipped "Lounge" for up to 4 (max 6) people, comfortable and styleful, with exceptional panoramic views from north to south over the central part of the Lago di Como and the surrounding villages and mountains.

> Our "Lounge" is a central, totally separate and secluded Penthouse Flat at the western beach, in the rural village Acquaseria, Commune San Siro Italia, Province Como, Italy.

> With freetime activities from hiking over biking and skiing to sightseeing, from swimming over windsurfing and sailing to motor boating and waterplane flying, and many other more.

> With 1day tour opportunities to all attractions between Genova,Torino, St.Moritz, Venezia and Firenze


For whom it is:


> For families, friends of Italian life style, nature & culture fans, water sportsmen, hikers, mountaineers, and for those who want to become it ...

> For people wanting to explore and to learn about Lombardi and Piedmonte provinces with their special culture, and including their surroundings ...  


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3. Our "Guangzhou-Hub"

You are a family or group of up to 4? 

You are interested in China + it's People?

You want to make Friends in China?

You want to learn about CN life + culture?

You do not want to be restricted to the beaten pathes of the official tourism industry? 

You want to explore the REAL China?

You want to stay with Chinese neighbors?

You plan 1day-tours up to Hongkong etc?

You like optional iGuidance by a CN family?

Then we have a special offer for you:

"1a Taste of REAL China" at a Guangzhou "City-Village"
"1a Taste of REAL China" at a Guangzhou "City-Village"

We offer: 

Our "Guangzhou-Hub"


> A convenient Chinese Home (with a "Western Touch") for 2-4 people, in a typical "City-Village", centrally in Guangzhou (GZ), the hub of the "Pearl River Delta" (PRD).

> GZ is not a center of bureaucracy (like Beijing) or of banking + finance (like Shanghai). It is the lively hub of the high developed and diversified industrial PRD area, where 120 Mio people (<1% of China) create more than 10% of China's GDP.

> Even if also heavily destroyed by "political events" like "Culture Revolution" etc, GZ has not lost >90% of it's traditional cultural places (like Beijing or Shanghai). As part of the REAL China it has preserved temples, institutions, etc, often with a very special social\ cultural function, like eg the traditional clan academies. So GZ has the oldest mosque (627!!), some of the most famous Buddhist Temples, and the largest Catholic Cathedral in China.

> GZ was always and still is a center for new trends and developments in China: The "Silk Road" and the historical "Opening to the West" started here, SunYatSen, the 1st and kind of "democratic" President of China, is from GZ and highly respected not only there up to today. Even Mao learned here about how to deal with peasants at his party-temple-school (making later his long march possible). Not to forget Deng Xiaoping's important Economic Opening, which was blocked in Beijing, but found a chance at the PRD.

> Even if the potential for new developments looks rather small at the moment, there are always some interesting "hints" at the PRD, like eg the 1st and only critical "Culture Revolution Museum" in China, or the "grass-root-movement" in some villages...


For whom it is:


> For European + International Friends of China and Friends of the Chinese People, who want to travel individually and free on their own interests, learning about the REAL China, off the beaten pathes, offered by the very most "official guided tours". 

> For visitors interested in people's work and life, in city structures and architecture, in historical buildings and institutions, in cultural monuments and achievements, in social and daily life.

> If you can walk for 1h, you can visit many of GZ's main attractions starting at our GZ hub. Convenient and fast Subway can bring you further, and is ready to be used by everyone. Using busses, taxi, and trains needs some special preparations, we can help on. Some Mandarin or Cantonese knowledge is helpful, of course, but not necessary.

> If you like it, we can give some iGuidance via WhatsApp, to assist you in any situation when helpful or necessary.


Start your "REAL-China" Adventure NOW! Become a (critical) Fan of the Middle Empire! Bring curiosity with you and try to understand! Learning and idea exchange along your way may become your most important contribution to World Peace...


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4. Our "Berlin-Lookout"

"1a Berlin-Center Outlook" over Berlin-Mitte
"1a Berlin-Center Outlook" over Berlin-Mitte

We offer: 

Our "Berlin-Lookout"

(page in preparation!)

5. Our Munich-Hub"

"1a Taste of Bavaria" at Munich - Altstadt\ Lehel
"1a Taste of Bavaria" at Munich - Altstadt\ Lehel

We offer: 

Our "Munich-Hub"

(page in preparation!)

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