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May we introduce to you our 

"REAL China Home"?


In a High-Riser  

of "Lijingge"-Village, 121 Liwan Lu, 

510170 Guangzhou = Canton, 

Guangdong, China


In Short:

It's a fully equipped, comfy-cosy, CHINESE HOME (with a "Western Touch"!), centrally in a middle-class "city-village" of Guangzhou (GZ) = Canton \ South China.

The exceptional feature is the LOCATION:

Any daily amenities & facilities can be walked in < 5-10 min, many of GZ's sights & attractions in < 1h. e-Busses, subways, and trains bring a countless number of further attractions into reach of 1day tours, down to Hongkong, Macau etc.

Besides, GZ is the hub of the "Pearl River Delta" (PRD), where <1% of China's people make more than 10% of China's GDP, not so much by governmental\ administration (like in Beijing) and by banking\ financial work (like in Shanghai), but rather by broadly deversified industries, on the way from "extended workbench" to true high-tech. (You know eg Huawei?) 

Additionally, PRD is a lively hub of traditional Chinese Culture, with eg some of the most famous Buddhist Temples, the oldest Mosque (527!), and the largest Gothic Cathedral in China!

All this is not so much damaged by "political actions" (eg Cultural Revolution) like in other areas of China, and most of all: it is directly and easily accessable from our "South-China Home", see some details at 

Inside Tour and Surroundings!



And YOU also can go there!

By using our "REAL China Home" as an entry point, you can learn first-hand and freely about today's economy and culture in REAL China, and about it's people, of course:

Because we, the owners, like to travel a lot also in other parts of the world over the year, our "1a REAL China Home" can accommodate for several weeks 1-4 people for at least 3 (better: 30) nights!

But please:

Our "1a REAL China Home" is

NOT for any pets and

ONLY for NON-Smokers


Kids are welcome!

See details at



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"1a REAL China Home"

AS  YOUR "China  Access   Point"!

And? Are you interested??

Then, please, have a look at the details!!

Inside Tour

Inside our "REAL-China Home"
Inside our "REAL-China Home"


"Lijingee - Village" from Liwan Lu
"Lijingee - Village" from Liwan Lu


Info for Guests on our Dining Table
Info for Guests on our Dining Table

Rental \ Exchange

Free or not free - that is the question..
Free or not free - that is the question..