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... Renovate your mindset routine about China! ...

... the new (and VERY old!) Middle Kingdom (not only of Economics!) is calling ...



May we introduce to you our 

"Guangzhou-Center Hub"?


In a High-Riser  

of "Lijingge"-Village, 121 Liwan Lu, 

510170 Guangzhou, 

Guangdong, China


In Short:

It's a fully equipped, comfy-cosy, CHINESE HOME (with a "Western Touch"!), centrally in a middle-class "city-village" of Guangzhou (GZ) \ South China.

The exceptional feature is the LOCATION:

Any daily amenities & facilities can be walked in < 5-10 min, many of GZ's sights & attractions in < 1h. e-Busses, subways, and trains bring a countless number of further attractions into reach of 1day tours, down to Hongkong, Macau etc.

Besides, GZ is the hub of the "Pearl River Delta" (PRD), where <1% of China's people make more than 10% of China's GDP, not so much by governmental\ administration and by banking\ financial work, but rather by broadly deversified industries, on the way from "extended workbench" to true high-tech. (You know eg Huawei?) 

Additionally, PRD is a lively hub of traditional Chinese Culture, with eg some of the most famous Buddhist Temples, the oldest Mosque (527!), and the largest Gothic Cathedral in China!

All this is not so much damaged by "political actions" (eg Cultural Revolution) like in other areas of China, and most of all: it is directly and easily accessable from our "GZ Hub", see some details at 

Inside Tour and Surroundings!



And YOU also can go there!

By using our "GZ-Center Hub" as an entry point, you can learn first-hand and freely about today's economy and culture in REAL China, and about it's people, of course:

Because we, the owners, like to travel a lot also in other parts of the world over the year, our "GZ Hub" can accommodate for several weeks 1-4 people for at least 3 (better: 30) nights!

But please:

Our "GZ Hub" is

NOT for any pets and

ONLY for NON-Smokers


Kids are welcome!

See details at



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Your hosts rudel and Peggie



"1a Taste of REAL China" @ Lijingge \ Guangzhou

AS  YOUR "China  Entry   Point"!

Why Guangzhou may be for YOU ...

Our "Guangzhou-Center Hub" is our main resting point during our stays in China. Here we return again and again to enjoy the amenities of Chinese city-life and culture. We like our "village-home", with basically Chinese furniture and decoration, but also modern "Western" addons. We like to explore small shops, market halls, supermarkets, lots of tiny to large restaurants of very different provenience, and sometimes also large shopping malls, all more or less near to our door. We visit cultural places and museums nearby, looking to maintain our understanding of (Chinese) history and culture, to better understand the past (and hopefully also the future a little bit). And all of this is done by using our "GZ Hub" as a start and resting point, which makes life in a rather "unknown" environment often full of people so much more efficient and convenient. We really LIKE this place!

 Besides, our "GZ Hub" is a rather convenient place as a traveling base: We can reach lots of attractions and sights around GZ by subway or train within 1day tours, cf eg Honkong, Macau, and all major places in China and around can be visited by high-speed trains or plains (taxi to airport 30min). As we like to travel with our Micro-Camper "Yongshi", we made several "expeditions" to the most provinces of China over 4 years and about 80 000 km, between 0 and 5500 maSL and -20 to +50 degC. And allways our "GZ Hub" was the starting and return point. As a result, you may identify some of our traveling areas from appropriate decoration elements in our "GZ Hub"...

One special hint in this context: Normally, as a foreigner, you can travel individually by car in China only, if you "invite" an "official guide" to go with you, and you have to pay for him, of course, not to mention the "discussions" about routing. We found an appropriate way, to avoid such a "guide" on all of our China tours! Please, let us know, if you want to learn, how it can be done...

Why our "GZ-Hub" may be for YOU ...

Something special is our "Guangzhou-Center Hub" not only for it's location and it's environment, but also for it's furnishings and equipment, which in their simplicity and their "being-rooted-to-the-soil" reflect our personal life-style. So you will not so much find in our place this often "overdone" and "over-representative" "modern Chinese style", but rather traditional Chinese elements, like a room divider shelf, a no-metal bamboo kitchen chest, and some original "classic" 4 season paintings. Of course also some "modern western" stuff, like available at IKEA, up to a big whiteboard, collecting many of our magnetic traveling souvenirs, and a big painted Lichtenstein copy, to bring to us the awareness of a bright (Chinese) sunset and of some terrible fighting on top of it, somewhere in the sky ...

At the same time, we do not want to miss comfort and the amenities of today's civilization too much: Our (following Chinese tradition) too small bathroom is extended by a shower\ steambath\ whirlpool cabin on our balcony, adjacent to our living room, which at the same time blocks the view from\ to our neighboring "village", and makes some "starlight strings" being sufficient between living room and balcony, instead of a traditional curtain. This way, our "GZ Hub" does neither follow fully the standards of a Chinese home nor of a "0-8-15" apartment, but is based rather on a combination of some basic  Chinese elements with "modern" up to "world-wide" add-ons.

WE like this combination of being "rooted in the soil" (of China) with world-open add-ons, and seemingly some guests feel similar, which really is a special pleasure for us. This also, because the CONTENDEDNESS and the WELL-BEING of our guests is the key for their valuing our offer, and for being the right people to enjoy our place, that we can offer, ... and that we like to offer to YOU ...

And? Are you interested??

Then, please, have a look at the details!!

Inside Tour

Inside our "Guangzhou-Center Hub"
Inside our "Guangzhou-Center Hub"


"Lijingee - Village" from Liwan Lu
"Lijingee - Village" from Liwan Lu


Info for Guests on our Dining Table
Info for Guests on our Dining Table


Free or not free - that is the question..
Free or not free - that is the question..

Rudel and Peggie @ Guangzhou\ China
Rudel and Peggie @ Guangzhou\ China
Our Micro-Camper "Yongshi" somewhere on the way ...
Our Micro-Camper "Yongshi" somewhere on the way ...


Since about 7 years we most of the time are on our way somewhere in this world, preferably accompanied by our 4x4 Micro-Camper "Yongshi".  After 4 years often "off-road" in China and Russia, and 2 years in North- and South-Europe, we now have North-Amerika on our screens.

In between, we again and again visit Mittenwald\ Germany, or we are in China at our beloved "Guangzhou-Center Hub".


When we cannot stay at our "GZ Hub", we are ready to rent it out to people with a similar mindset, fitting to it, and being able to enjoy it's special qualities, 

see also

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