Re-Balancing Ebm & Sbm

> By bringing CA to EBM, the "one-diensional" focus of today's KHE to absolutely prefer SBMs can be weakened and overcome, leading to a new balace between SBM and EBM, and to many new insights and solutions in today's complex, high-dimensional, interdisciplinary problem domains.

> Networks of CAEBMs can collect, integrate, and refine the know-how from experts, SBMs, RBMs, and any other sources, opening chances for high-quality solutions of complex, interdisciplinary problems, which cannot be solved consequently by SBM, expert teams, or other team players up to now. - Think of Covid-19, for example.

> Moreover, CAEBM, because of being able to collect, integrate, consolidate, and refine all the interdisciplinary know-how from any sources for a given problem, can lead to new holistic solutions, that have been thought to be impossible up to now. Our problem solving intentions can and have to be extended accordingly.

> In general, CAEBM opens the opportunity to develope the max 3-5 dimensional EBM capabilities of the human brain to problems with an arbitrary number of dimensions (if CAEBM networks are used), under retention of the unrestricted capability to solve complex, inter-disciplinary problems in a holistic way. Following this line, CAEBM is the technology needed, to re-balance the problem solving capability of humens after the extreme but one-sided development of CASBM over the last centuries.