Guest Care

Our Guest-Keeper CERLINLA
Our Guest-Keeper CERLINLA

If we, the owners Peggie and Rudel, are not at Guangzhou, but somewhere on our way,

Our Guest-Keeper


Tel +86 xxxxx, 

thankfully cares about our guests! (Her number will be given to you at  booking time.) As local person and experienced in handling "house problems" of any kind, she can answer nearly any question, can give many insider tips, and if necessary, she can help with words and deeds to resolve any upcoming "problem". A big THANK YOU from us to CERLINLA

But also we, your hosts Peggie and rudel are in reach 24\7.... if technics  work: Either via email to, or together with CERLINLA in our small WhatsApp Group "1a Taste of REAL China", to which we email-invite every guest shortly before his\her stay in our "Hub" up to his\her leaving. This way, you can always reach out for some info and\or help, if it is ever necessary.