To Get There


Please, find here some hints on how to get to our "Guangzhou-Center Hub". As we expect you to be an internationally experienced traveller, we will give some basic hints only. Please, ASK, if you have any further question...

The details: 

> Probably the best solution for your phone\ data\ internet connection is Google FI. Works seemlesly without any hassle in many countries at the same price, also in China. 

A more complicated alternative are pre-payed SIMs by China Mobile or China Unicom from any phone shop.

> After years of blockage, Google Maps (a "cleaned" version) now can be used in China, too, which is convenient for Western travellers, because of the Pinyin-English names. Subways and bus stations are included, but no bus lines, time tables etc.

> In and around Guangzhou, you should use the Traffic Card "Yang Cheng Tong". You can buy it (30RMB) at many convenience stores (eg 7-11) or at vending machines (VMs) in stations. Pls load it with some money, and you can use any public transport, including taxi, and buy at many places, like convenience shops etc. 

> No matter, where you arrive (GZ Baiyun

 Airport by plane,  GZ South Railway Station by High-speed train, GZ East Railway Station by "normal" train etc), you in any case should go by Subway to "Chen Academy" station of Line 1. Taking the Subway is easy, if you have some plan, eg. by an App. 

From "Chen Academy", there are some different ways (even partially underground) to our place, please consult eg Maps.

Our place is "121 Liwan Lu", Lijingge East Entry, as seen in Surroundings. There you should meet our Guest Keeper CERLINLA. Please, make an appropriate appointment with her via phone (use the number which Peggie gave to you at booking time), or via our small WhatsApp group "1a Taste of REAL China", to which we invited you via email. 

> CERLINLA will guide you through the security control to our apartment, show you several details of the equipment, and answer all of your questions.

> CERLINLA and also we, Peggie and Rudel, will stay in contact with you during your stay at our 'Guangzhou-Center Hub" via our WhatsApp Group "1a Taste of REAL China". So, at any time, you can ask us anything, or even call for support and help, if ever necessary.

In any case, we wish you a good travel to our "Guangzhou-Center Hub", a convenient stay there, and a great & interesting experience in Guangzhou, in the PRD area, and around!

With best greetings from on the way,

your hosts Peggie and Rudel