In Short:

1. Check the Renting-Out Plan: Is it free?

2.** Send an eMail to Rudel+Peggie: Who? Why? - Continue after getting an answer! 

3. Send an eMail to Rudel+Peggie

containing your Registration Data

4.** Pay a Deposit of 50%

5. Get your Booking  Confirmation

6. Pay the "rest" of the renting price, at least 10 days before your stay

** for First-Time Guests only!

In Detail:

It's not our intention to rent out "as much as possible" and\ or "at any price". We seriously prefer guests, who fit to our "LagoDiComo Lounge" and therefore can value it's qualities. So please, take a little bit of time and look at the info given here on our Website, to see, what we offer.


As genuine non-commercial private hosts, we are very much interested, that our guests can feel the same kind of total WELL-BEING at our "LagoDiComo Lounge" like we do, and that our "Lounge" really fits to our guests. This, because we do not rent out a "Standard Hotel Suite" or a "0-8-15-Apartment", following the "Ex-And-Hopp-Method" mostly around today, but rather an individual, fully equipped "Lounge" with "Panorama Vista" in a central but secluded location of one of the most beautiful Italian lakes, please see our description at Inside Tour and Surroundings!

Accordingly, we are ready to give beforehand any information or help that you may need or want, to have a persistent satisfying stay at our "LagoDiComo Lounge"! 

And please, don't forget to book optional extrabeds, if you need them - Thanks!

The Renting-Out Plan 

for our "LagoDiComo Lounge" is done as a Google Calendar, and it can be viewed accordingly. For technical reasons, records do NOT include the check-out day! Regular guests can sync this calendar to their Mobile Phone or  Computer by request. So everyone of you can see, if the weeks wanted are available. If this is the case, then the procedure is as follows:

NEW Guests (= first time guests) have to write via email  to Rudel and Peggie, who they are, where they come from, and why they want to go to Mittenwald. And, of course, they should have checked in the Renting-Out Plan, if their weeks are available. Normally, they will get "green light" from us, so that they can do the booking.

REGULAR Guests (having booked before) can immediately after checking the Renting-Out Plan proceed with the booking.


Booking is done by Rudel and Peggie. If you have checked our Renting-Out Plan concerning availability, you should send an email for booking. This email should include also a complete listing of your Registration Data, see Registration for details. Please, send this email to Rudel and Peggie, . The registration data will be used to gegister you at the Mittenwald Community. As a "Thank You" you will get a complete set of "Guest-Cards", which allow you to enjoy several advantages offered by the Mittenwald-SPA Management. When you come to our "Lodge", you should find there your Guest-Cards activated and ready to use.

From us, ie Rudel and Peggie, you soon (after getting your registration data and your deposit, if appropriate) will get our "Final Booking Confirmation" via email. and you also should be able to see your weeks in our Renting-Out Plan.

Pricing & Payment

We have ONE PRICE ONLY. We do not make any especially costly or cheap "saisons" or "Last-Minute" actions, even no high-pricing at  Xmas or student's holidays, because our offer & service is also the same at any time. And why should we "punish" a family for having more than an average number of kids? Or for being able to come at student's holidays only? 

This way, if you do the Booking via our Website here, directly with us, the

Price Per Week

in 2021 is 

Euro 700 for 4 sleeps

+ Euro 100 per each 2 optional sleeps.

This includes every and all Extras and Services, and there are simply not any other costs for guests! Even the SPA-Taxe, collected by Mittenwald Community, and obliged to show up separately from the renting price in lawfull Germany: It will not bother you, because we pay it for you at registration time ;-) 

But without our support or even toleration, our "Lodge" is offered for renting also by some more or less obscure agencies at an up to 200 Euro higher weekly price. We do not support these most often American internet companies, whom many renters seemingly throw their money into the throat for mostly nothing. We recommend DIRECT BOOKINGAnd, of coarse, this is also for Regular Guests, when booking via our Website.

When to pay?: NEW Guests have to confirm their Booking intention by paying 50% of the price for their stay at booking time! (This, unfortunately, is necessary today, to avoid too many "SCAM-Bookers".) After receiving, we send our "Final Booking Confirmation" via email.

All guests have to pay the "rest" up to "10 days before their coming" to our "Mittenwald-Lodge". If NOT, we will cancel their bookings immediately.

All Payments should be made to our account IBAN: DE60100110012621923284 (Owner: Dr R Stricker) at the N26 Bank, BIC: NTSBDEB1XXX. Alternatively, guests can also pay via Paypal to,  after having added 2.5% to the amount.

For completion, our Storno Policy:  

It's simple: In case of Storno, wenn pay back NOTHING! If you need more, you should make an appropriate insurance.