Guest Care

Our Guest-Keeper Hans-Josef Mross
Our Guest-Keeper Hans-Josef Mross

If we, the owners Rudel and Peggie, are not at Mittenwald, 

Our Guest-Keeper

Hans-Josef Mross, 

Tel +49 177 4065871, 

thankfully cares about our guests! As a local person and experienced in handling "house problems" as well as the owner of an appropriate business he can answer nearly any question, can give many insider tips, and if necessary, he can help with words and deeds to resolve any upcoming "problem". A big THANK YOU from us to Hans-Josef Mross! 

But also we, your hosts tudel and Peggie, are in reach 24\7..... if technics  work: Either via email to, or together with Hans-Josef Mross in our small WhatsApp Group "1a Alpen-Panorama", to which we invite every guest with our Final Booking Confirmation. This way, you can always reach out for some info and\or help, if necessary.

In this context, we also want to remember our former Guest-Keeper and Neighbor Elke Öttl! She cared about our guests and about our "Mittenwald-Lodge" for several years, if we were "on the way". This way, she gained the nimbus of the "Good Ghost Of The House", especially for Regular Guests, cf Feedback. Because of some health reasons she had to give up her good work as Guest-Keeper, but (living in the basement of Landhaus Bergglueck) she is still there and ready for a (most often helpful) talk, if needed! - Thanks and a big loud praise for Elke Öttl!!!