Here some hints on the registration procedure of the Market Mittenwald Community. This information is valid as well

a) for registration at booking time, as

b) in case, if the registration at booking time failed, and therefore has to be done later...

As a well-received all-season health and spa ressort, the Market Mittenwald Community has the right to collect some spa taxes from it's guests. Because of that, the Market Mittenwald Community is very much interested in a correct and reliable guest registration. Even if we pay the spa taxes for your convenience, our guests should give some support for a correct registration, also because it will result in some special advantages for them, which will be realized via the "Guest-Card", that gives the right to enjoy several advantages in the Mittenwald Spa world.

Normally, we collect the data needed for registration as part of the booking process, and our Guest-Keeper Hans-Josef Mross, will do the registration for you. This way, you will find your Guest-Cards ready, when you enter our "Mittenwald-Lodge".

If this - for what reason ever - did not happen, you please should proceed like follows:

Please, collect - in any case - the following data:

> Name and complete address of the Main-Guest (= Renter), including mobile number and email address

> A complete list of ALL guests (kids included) with names, birthdays, nationalities, and their arrival and departure dates

> Your Mittenwald address (= Landhaus Bergglueck, Gröblweg 6, 82481 Mittenwald)

> Name of your host (= Rudolf Stricker)

In any case, please send this list to rudel and Peggie ( So they can use this list for your registration, normally done by Guest Keeper Hans-Josef Mross, who will also make your appropriate Guest-Cards.

Normally, you will find your Guest-Cards on arrival. In case of late registrationwith your Guest-Keeper will have to agree on a procedure with you, that will make you carrying your Guest-Cards, so you can enjoy them...

Thanks for your cooperation and help!