Our House Rules

... are an integrated part of every single renting out and 100% binding.

In detail:

Booking of dates after December 20th are reserved for Regular Guests  up to September 1st. The same goes for next year's dates up to December 31st.

At year's end, we accept only guests, booking from (before) Xmas to (after) Epiphany. This, to have also some quiet time then.

Our "Lodge" is NOT available FOR  ANY KIND OF PETS, and ONLY NON-SMOKERS are allowed to stay there. This is to preserve a low allergic level also in the future.

Please, bring some slipper socks or something similar with you for your stay at our "Lodge". This, because we kindly ask you to leave your mountain shoes or street shoes at the entry in the inner porch, for not to damage the wooden floor everywhere too much.

Our "Lodge" is not totally equipped for babies and small kids to let them play around. So, please, care about them at any time, to avoid them to be hurt and\ or making any damages.

Please, read and follow the RULES hanging in the inner porch, as well as the Instruction Manuals for several machines etc, collected in the downer drawers right of the left kitchen chest. Read & follow these manuals and put them back then in it's place.

Our 2 MATTRESS ROOMS in the upper attic ("Juche") for 4 additional people are NOT OPEN! ONLY REGULAR GUESTS AFTER PERSONAL ADMISSION may enter and use these rooms, if they bring their own sleeping bags and clear up after staying there! (Vacuum in place!)

General reminder: Our "Lodge" is mostly inventoried. We leave our stuff to your care, but ask you to treat and handle everything the same way, like you would want us to care about your equivalent stuff. - Thanks!