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May we introduce to you our 



In the Attic  

of "Landhaus Bergglueck", 

Gröblweg 6, in 82481 Mittenwald, Bayern


In Short:

It's a fully secluded, comfy-cosy, lodge-type holiday home, centrally and calm in an original Bavarian mountain village.

It has an exceptional 

Loggia with "1a Alps-Panorama"

(we are proud of it as our Trademark!), two bedrooms, bathroom, 2ndWC, and it is FULLY equipped in any aspect.

It is near to the town center (5min) AND to the hiking\ skiing area, starting behind the house. A parking spot is also there.

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Inside Tour and Surroundings!



YOU also can go there!

Because we, the owners, like to travel a lot in other parts of the world over the year, our "Lodge" can accommodate for several weeks 1-5 people for at least 7 nights.

Please, note:

Our "Lodge" is

NOT for any pets and

ONLY for NON-Smokers


Kids are welcome!

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Your hosts Rudel and Peggie



"1a Alps-Panorama" @ Landhaus Bergglueck

AS  YOUR "ISLAND  between  the  mountains"!

Why Mittenwald may be for YOU ...

Our "Mittenwald-Lodge" is our main resting point during our stays in Germany. Here we return again and again to enjoy the beautiful Market Mittenwald and it's environment. The location of our "Mittenwald-Lodge" there is nearly perfect for us, because it practically is like a "Secluded Panoramic Lodge" with a very special view, but without any direct neighbors. At the same time, it can offer the nearness to the village neighbors and to the amendments and facilities, needed in today's life - if we might want that... And all of this at a quiet central position in a picturesque traditional Bavarian mountain village, which is said to be one of the most beautiful villages in the Bavarian part of the Alps! And more rare today: Without any "modern architectural" disturbances, at least around the center and in our panoramic view!

Besides, this rather quiet village is connected efficiently by appropriate streets and rails to the outside world. So it can be used nicely as a starting point to visit so many interesting areas and famous places in Bavaria, Tirol, and beyond, eg by 1day tours to destinations between Munich and Venice, and between Salzburg and St Moritz! The choice is ours! - What should we want more?

Why our "Lodge" may be for YOU ...

Something special is our "Mittenwald-Lodge" not only for it's location and it's environment, but also for it's furnishings and equipment, which in their simplicity and their "being-rooted-to-the-soil" reflect our personal life-style. But at the same time, we do not want to miss comfort and the amenities of today's civilization, so that our "Lodge" is FULLY equipped in several dimensions. And new attractions and amenities are planned, sometimes following hints given by competent guests. Furnishing and equipment of our "Lodge" thereby in general do not follow some "08/15-x-star" hotel standards or some specious "(pseudo-)Bavarian Leather-Pants" style, but are based rather on a combination of Basic Alpine Lodge elements with "modern" to "world-wide" but always original add-ons.

WE like this combination of being "rooted in the soil" with world-open add-ons, and seemingly several guests feel similar, which really is a special pleasure for us. This also, because the CONTENDEDNESS and the WELL-BEING of our guests is the key for their valuing our offer, and for being the right people to enjoy our place, that we can offer, ... and that we like to offer to YOU ...

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Inside Tour

Our Loggia offering "1a Alps-Panorama" in the attic of Landhaus Bergglueck
Our Loggia offering "1a Alps-Panorama" in the attic of Landhaus Bergglueck


Our Location: Near to the village center AND near to Kranzberg Hiking\ Skiing
Our Location: Near to the village center AND near to Kranzberg Hiking\ Skiing


Entry to our Lodge at a snowy winter
Entry to our Lodge at a snowy winter


Free or not free - that is the question..
Free or not free - that is the question..

Rudel and Peggie @ Guangzhou\ China
Rudel and Peggie @ Guangzhou\ China
Our Micro-Camper "Yongshi" somewhere on the way ...
Our Micro-Camper "Yongshi" somewhere on the way ...


Since about 7 years we most of the time are on our way somewhere in this world, preferably accompanied by our 4x4 Micro-Camper "Yongshi".  After 4 years often "off-road" in China and Russia, and 2 years in North- and South-Europe, we now have North-Amerika on our screens.

In between, we again and again visit Guangzhou\ China, or we are in Germany at our beloved "Mittenwald-Lodge"


But when we cannot stay at our "Mittenwald-Lodge", we are ready to rent it out to people with a similar mindset, fitting to our "Lodge", and being able to enjoy it's special qualities, 

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