Why Mittenwald may be for you!

Our "Mittenwald-Lodge" is our main resting point during our stays in Germany. Here we return again and again to enjoy the beautiful Market Mittenwald and it's environment. The location of our "Mittenwald-Lodge" there is nearly perfect for us, because it practically is like a "Secluded Panoramic Lodge" with a very special view, but without any direct neighbors. At the same time, it can offer the nearness to the village neighbors and to the amendments and facilities, needed in today's life - if we might want that... And all of this at a quiet central position in a picturesque traditional Bavarian mountain village, which is said to be one of the most beautiful villages in the Bavarian part of the Alps! And more rare today: Without any "modern architectural" disturbances, at least around the center and in our panoramic view!

Besides, this rather quiet village is connected efficiently by appropriate streets and rails to the outside world. So it can be used nicely as a starting point to visit so many interesting areas and famous places in Bavaria, Tirol, and beyond, eg by 1day tours to destinations between Munich and Venice, and between Salzburg and St Moritz! The choice is ours! - What should we want more?